We cover all phases of the network, from the identification of
to building a station; through the construction, testing
and certification phase; to the operations and maintenance phase.

The longest period of our stations lifecycle is the O&M (Operations &
Maintenance) phase. Therefore, during the design and implementation
phase engineering and maintenance groups work together with a sole
objective: plan, design and construct facilities to be reliable,
maintainable and supportable
in a cost efficient manner.
In other words: to be SUSTAINABLE.

During the O&M phase, we perform

preventive maintenance activities
corrective maintenance as required
upgrades and enhancements
to keep the network complying with technical specifications and up to date with state of the art technology.

We perform

reliability, maintainability and availability (RAM) analysis
sparing analysis and modeling.

We also develop

software tools
to monitor and store data related to station performance, station configuration, station information, etc.

We produce

engineering documentation such as manuals and drawings
to technically describe the stations and facilitate end user operation and maintenance of the facilities.

We ensure

conveyance of the raw data from the facilities in near real-time to the PTS Computer Data Centre
distribution of analysed data and relevant reports to state signatories.

In addition, we support

an IT infrastructure
that provides capabilities to all other PTS activities and to the Global Communications Infrastructure.

Our product is data to be provided to the International Data Centre with the required availability, quality and timeliness.The entire IMS works as one integrated division to deliver our product to our clients, to the IDC
and to the States Signatories.

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