Data Storage

The PTS computer data centre hosts the IT infrastructure where data
from IMS stations is collected, processed, analyzed and reported.
The underlying IT infrastructure consists of LAN, hardware, power
& cooling systems, GCI components, Storage Area Network (SAN),
mass storage system (backup & archiving), web services, PKI,
verification data processing, UNIX/LINUX servers etc.

With a storage capacity of approximately 900 TB, it complies with
high standards on security access and fire detection.


Software tools development

SSI.(Station Standard Interface). The SSI is a modular Hardware/Software package for data designed for supporting the data acquisition, authentication and buffering at IMS stations and its transmission to the IDC.

SoH (State of Health) The SoH Tool is an integrated view of all key elements of the system for viewing and reporting on states and conditions of a wide variety of both hardware and software, and allows the definition of event filters and actions in response to configurable alerts and conditions. The monitored objects are typically station equipment, communication links, computer servers, network servers, data server and application processes.

DOTS (Database of the Technical Secretariat) is an integrated database together with web-based
applications, to store and manage information relevant to Commission's Programmes.


IT Support

We provide effective and efficient information technology and communication support services to PTS. We ensure
high availability of the computer infrastructure consisting of a computer data centre and the PTS information management systems.

Our helpdesk provides client computing services, also maintaining the UNIX based systems and web applications.

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