The Office of the Director (OD) sets out the strategic goals and objectives
for the programme of the division, as well as budget for plan, manage and
coordinate the activities, including the bookkeeping and accounting of its
programme. The OD has oversight of all activities and human and financial
resources, and the ultimate responsibility thereof.

Besides the Office of the Director, the IMS Division is composed of three
sections, each of them contributing to the strategic goals and objectives
from a different perspective, but in an integrated manner.


Engineering and Development Section

The engineering and development section is responsible to build the remaining monitoring facilities and to upgrade
the existing stations, enhancing their capabilities and ensuring compliance with evolving specifications.

The section develops, designs and applies engineering solutions to increase reliability, maintainability and
sustainability and to decrease operational and maintenance cost of the monitoring network while ensuring the technological relevance of the IMS verification network.

The section is structured into three main groups, one group for each of the main IMS technologies: seismic,
acoustic and radionuclide.


Monitoring Facilities Support Section

The Monitoring Facilities Support section provides integrated logistics support to the existing network.
In particular it develops and executes a maintenance program over the network, manages support contracts
with equipment original manufactures and manages the configuration of the station. In parallel it performs a
number of logistics support analyses to optimize sustainment resources.

The section is as well responsible for the shipping & storage of IMS equipment, for the archiving of radionuclide samples and for the development and maintenance of the logistics database.

The section is structured into two units: Logistics Support Unit and Maintenance Unit.


Network and Systems Support Section

The Network and Systems Support section provides computer infrastructure to support verification and
non-verification systems and manages the Global Communication Infrastructure (GCI). They provide information
technology and communication support services to the PTS. They also maintain high availability of the
non-verification-related administration and messaging systems Windows and Unix/Linux Basedd

The section is structured into three units: Helpdesk and Deployment Unit, UNIX/LINUX Support Unit and IT Infrastructure/GCI Support Unit.


Organization chart


Points of Contact in IMS Division

  Office of the Director MARYSSAEL Vorian
  Coordination JUURLINK Theodorus
  Monitoring Facilities Support BRELY Natalie
  Engineering and Development  
  Network and System Support SOLOMONS Mensah
  Planning BARRENS Marion
  Administration FESSL Johanna
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