The GCI is a global communication network designed to transport raw
data from the 337 facilities of the International Monitoring System (IMS)
in near real-time to the International Data Center (IDC). It is also
designed to distribute to state signatories analyzed data and reports
that are relevant to the verification of CTBT compliance.

It uses a combination of satellite (VSAT) at 99.50% availability, and
terrestrial communication (MPLS) at 99.95% availability.

Currently the GCI is composed of:

215 VSAT stations

312 stand-alone VPN links

15 backup VPN links

5 Independent Sub networks using terrestrial MPLS

4 Satellite hubs (2 in Norway, 2 in USA)

The sustainment of the GCI implies the installation of new sites, site surveys, upgrades, installation of
redundant links, capacity upgrades, satellite capacity upgrade; VPN service and support contract management
which includes unscheduled maintenance etc.

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