The Information Technology (IT) infrastructure supports verification
related and non-verification related activities providing capabilities to
all PTS activities.


Data Centre

The underlying IT infrastructure consists of LAN servers, Storage
Area Network (SAN), Mass Storage System (for backup & archiving),
GCI components, web services and associated hardware, and hardware
power & cooling systems.

The data centre hosts over 160 servers (hardware and virtual). It has ~900 TBytes of multi-tier disk storage and
Mass storage for archived data and backups.

The data centre complies with high standards on access control. It has three security access doors and entry
is only with a card key issued by the UN Security. Several monitoring points register access and movement of
personnel in the computer centre. There are, as well, smoke, water leakage, temperature and humidity detectors,
a fire suppression system and security cameras.

For the verification-related activities, the data center hosts the servers where data from IMS stations is
collected, processed, analyzed and reported.

We ensure high performance by:

Providing standardized and structured support for the existing information technology and communication
infrastructure of the PTS

Performing the security access systems assessment

Providing support to the ATM (Atmospheric Transport Modelling)

For the non-verification related activities, the data center ensures availability of the CTBTO web sites,
supports the business applications (e.g. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning) and office automation computer
infrastructure (e.g. e-mail system, windows platform, web sites etc.) The data center also provides VPN access
to State parties and the functionality for staff to connect to data from anywhere on the globe.


Client Support Services

Client Support Services are primarily provided through the helpdesk and deployment unit. The helpdesk serves
as the single point of contact for all end-user computer support requests including end-user computer hardware
and software configuration, setup, maintenance and troubleshooting, end user training support, computer support
to PMO (Policy Making Organs) conferences and internal trainings.

The objective of Client Support Services is to provide PTS staff with assistance in the utilization of computing
resources in a timely and professional manner. All user requests for assistance are tracked using the helpdesk
expert system. The helpdesk team reviews all requests and performs initial troubleshooting. The helpdesk and
deployment unit
handles 1st and 2nd level support issues, while the other two NSS units, Unix/Linux and GCT/IT,
provide 3rd level support on the Windows and Linux platforms. Network support issues at 3rd level are escalated
to Network Administration teams in other divisions.

The Client Support Services, manages contracts with suppliers for some 2nd and 3rd level support incidents
including hardware repairs, and specialist support requirements. A technology refreshment program for desktop
hardware, accessories and laptops is performed to maintain the infrastructure up to date


UNIX/LINUX applications support

UNIX and LINUX systems are at the core of the verification related IT- systems. The UNIX/Linux Support unit is
providing operating system level support, installation of packaged applications, user management and configuration
management of these systems.

In addition, the UNIX/Linux Support unit is also offering base application support for various web-based
applications, like the Intranet, the Public Web Site, the Experts Communication System (ECS), JIRA, Alfresco,
and Confluence Enterprise Wiki.

And the UNIX/Linux Support unit is also providing some of the base services needed for storage and networking, including LDAP service (for data interchange within in the VIC), DNS service, and external-facing Mail service
including spam filtering.

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