The MFS section is composed of two units, each of them contributing jointly to the sustainment of the network.


Maintenance Unit

Within the context of the integrated logistics support to the IMS network, the Maintenance Unit develops,
executes, manages and continuously monitors to validate and improve a maintenance program over the network.


Logistics Support Unit

The unit is responsible for the Database of the Technical Secretariat (DOTS), the management of the IMS
of the monitoring network. It manages support contracts with equipment original manufacturers
and support contractors and in parallel it performs a number of logistics support analyses to optimize
sustainment resources.

It is also responsible for the shipping & storage of IMS equipment, for the archiving of radionuclide samples and for managing support facilities, stores and depots.


Organization chart

Points of Contact in MFS Section

  Monitoring Facilities Support BRELY Natalie
  Maintenance Support WERZI Robert
  Shipping and Storage MICARA Giangiacomo
  Configuration Management GAUTIER Jean-Pierre
  Administration SHETE Rael Amadi
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