A successful ILS system aims to influence the early stages of the life
system to ensure maintainability and sustainability of the system
during the O&M phase. We provide assistance to other sections in the
following areas:

In the planning and testing of station design and installation
In the certification process of the stations
In the hand-over of stations to the Operations Group


Sustainment of the network

Monitoring facilities are operated by the States hosting them. However the PTS oversees the operation and
maintenance of the facilities, with centralized support from Vienna providing technical assistance.

We establish the maintenance requirements and define the maintenance strategy which is to invest as far forward
as possible in order to rely on the entity "closest to the station" alias the Station Operator, is implemented in the
form of a maintenance program, consisting of maintenance plans and scheduled maintenance tasks specific for
each station.

Support contract management

Besides the maintenance tasks mandated by the IMS Operational manuals to the station operators and
contracted or agreed upon with them, equipment related tasks could be performed by a third entity - typically the
equipment original manufacturer (EOM) through a services agreement. In MFS, we establish, manage and
continuously monitor to validate and improve such contracts. These are called Equipment Support Contracts
or Call-off contracts for equipment supply and/or maintenance services.

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