The MFS section is the central point for the IMS configuration and documentation management.


Configuration management

We are responsible for the process management and implementation
of the configuration management of the IMS network. We organise
and act as secretary of the IMS Configuration Management Board
(CMB), which reviews, controls and authorizes all changes to the
monitoring network configuration items. We coordinate, through
the IMS CMB, the issues affecting configuration and we provide logistics
and maintenance support to the changes being applied. In parallel, we are
responsible for controlling the recording, identification, storage and
management of all IMS configuration items.

Technical data repository

We are responsible for the management of the Database Of the Technical Secretariat, called DOTS, which has
the functionality to store and retrieve current and historical information about all IMS configuration items. IMS
sustainment related information is documented in the database providing status and historical information for
each configuration item.


We develop procedures for level two maintenance. We are responsible for the management of station related
technical documentation.

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