Radionuclide station,RN68. Tristan da Cunha, UK Auxiliary seismic station, AS047. Shushtar, Iran Infrasound station, IS18. Qaanaaq, Greenland, Denmark Auxiliary seismic station, AS048. Eilath, Israel Infrasound station, IS08. La Paz, Bolivia Infrasound station, IS49. Tristan da Cunha, UK
Welcome to IMS Division

The International Monitoring System (IMS) division is part of the verification regime of the CTBT which, together with the International Data Centre and On-site inspection team must be capable of detecting nuclear explosions in all environments.

For further information on the CTBT Organization and where we belong, please refer to the CTBTO web site. Here we just want to describe what we do at the IMS division.
What we Do
We build and sustain the IMS verification network which provides data to detect, localize and characterize nuclear test explosions.

The IMS Mission is to complete and sustain a reliable and state of the art verification network.

The IMS verification network consists of worldwide facilities using seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound and radionuclide technologies.
Who we ARE
The IMS division is structured into three sections:

Engineering & Development Section (ED)

Monitoring Facilities Support Section (MFS)

and Network & Systems Support Section (NSS).
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